Prototype VR Livestream Game

Client: Internal Prototype for Mixer

Marty McFly can tell you that any hoverboard experience down a city street can quickly turn into an obstacle course. His future predictions never saw VR interactive livestreams coming to that obstacle course though. The first VR games were very solitary experiences, but we found it very entertaining to watch someone flailing around in VR when we had to watch from the outside. We wanted to take this experience to Mixer, but also allow those viewers to affect the game itself. We created a busy street with plenty of interactive triggers for the audience to try to trip up the player by throwing objects (donuts, drones, etc) and changing the environment (rain, night, smoke, etc) while they attempted to stay on their hoverboard as long as possible. Then all we had to do was build a hoverboard controller out of a skateboard and a Wii remote, strap a VR headset on the player, and go live. It was a success, but we still have nightmares about donuts falling from the sky.

  • Role

    Game Director, Producer, Quality Assurance